Month: December 2016

Diving In


My New Year’s resolution – intention as one newspaper put it – is to return to art and creativity as a part of my daily life.  Ever since I was a kid, paint and paper and ink have been the big draw.  The biggest problem with me, though, is distractions.  Staying focused on one thing is not easy for me.  The result is what I would like to master is pushed aside as too hard or time-consuming, or by comparing myself to this or that person.  In particular, this applies to watercolors and drawing, but it also applies to so many other areas of my life.

My life style is my main crutch.  I blame it for everything.  My 10-hour work days leave time for little else.  A 30-minute lunch where all I do is stuff food in my face to make it to the next task is another excuse.  So my question to myself is what can I do to change my sense of frustration and of waiting for more time?  More time isn’t coming, that’s for sure.  Each second vanishes before it is even acknowledged.

Art requires thought, but it also requires just diving in and doing.  I tend to get stuck in thought or stuck in doing, but somehow neither alone gives much satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.  The two need to be tied together.  Learning and practicing, thinking and doing, analyzing and trying again – this is the process.

Thus, my resolution:  for the remainder of my holiday break, I will focus on watercolor and drawing.  Once I return to work, my favorite mechanical pencil and a small sketch book, along with my camera, will be with me.  One drawing at lunch.  One photo a day.  Evenings have no guarantee of time, but the long weekends do have that element.

Let’s see where this goes.