Cliffs at Mesa Verde


I had a brainstorm the other day:  Why not use vacation photos for drawing and watercolor subjects?  I certainly do have a bucket load of photos.  And, last summer we went to a lot of historical and beautiful places as we wandered through parts of the western U.S.  Here, a view from a cliff in Mesa Verde National Park.

Colors include indanthrene blue, quinacridone yellow, organic vermilion, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, phthalo green and Carbon Ink in a Pentalic watercolor book.

4 comments on “Cliffs at Mesa Verde”

  1. I like your use of pink for the rocks, right next to green (I guess vermilion & phthalo green?) Mesa Verde in my memory is beautiful yet monotonic and barren – you kept the dryness but somehow added life there.

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    1. Hi Yul! I think you may be right about the colors . . . to me, there were a lot of colors at Mesa Verde. Living in a dry climate without a lot of colors, as you have in other, wetter parts of the world, the colors are there, but sometimes very subtle. To me, the world is always full of color. I’m a magpie – looking for bright and colorful things!

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