Gotta Change the Tune

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I am not known for being patient when it comes to learning things.  Jump in!  Do it!  That has its points in that at least you get some experience rather than theory, but sometimes it just leads to recklessness and frustration.  Frustration makes things worse.  When you are kid, self-discipline is not usually high on your want-it list.  As an adult, you need to make it so to get anywhere.

Value studies – I really don’t like doing them.  It’s like knitting a swatch – I don’t like those, either.  Even at my ripe old age, they are not things that give me pleasure.  I clean house because I like a clean house, not because I like cleaning.  This is where self-discipline comes in.

So, why do value studies?  I have a lot of photos, some which I would like to paint.  There is a little thing called contrast, something I struggle with.  Contrast gives depth and dimension.  Hence, value studies.

Self-discipline = less frustration?

I’m going to give it a shot.

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