I was rummaging through the files on my desk, and came across a collection of sumi-e ink, ink and color, and watercolor or acrylic paintings I did a long time ago.  Some of these are “aceo” size, which measure 2×3.5 inches, and others are other papers.  I used to sell these on Ebay, too.  Maybe I need to go through and scan some more – it’s like tea and madeleines – memories and reminders.

4 comments on “Retrospective”

    1. I am glad you like them, Sharon. Sumi-e and ink painting require the essence of something, so it can be a challenge. That, and mastering the brushwork and paper!

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    1. Thanks for the compliment! Ebay was something I did for awhile, and was okay at it. I priced my work too low for the time it took. Someone also suggested Etsy. For now, I don’t plan to do any selling, but maybe in a year when I finish working.

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