Old Shack

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The sky is a lot of space in this picture.  Layers of blues were laid down, lightest at the horizon line behind the trees, and moving into darker shades of blue toward the top.  Overlapping colors were considered, too.

It took seconds to lay down the pencil, and seconds to run the water through it.  Here, I used a large mop brush with a sharp point.  I turned the picture upside down, and worked from the horizon to the top of the sky.  The sharp brush point allowed me to reach into to curves of the trees and around the building and chimney.  As soon as that was done, I took a tissue and blotted, turning the tissue to create the idea of clouds.  I had no idea what it would look like, but like I said before, the sky is the big gamble.

The clouds turned out better than I expected – cauliflower clouds,. cumulus – building up toward what now looks like a stormy sky, one ready to rain, but still with the sun somewhere to the right.

A bit of drama – and trauma! – in that upper left corner.  I thought I would see how dabbing a brush on a pencil tip would work.  Not a good thing.  Then, while the pencil tip was damp, I drew on the paper.  Another problem.  I then put water in the corner and smoothed it out, and tried to blot it.  Not a solution either.  Giving up, I just merged in darker blues and some violet, shaping it into the upper horizon, above the clouds, ignoring the horizon for the moment.  I want to shape the sky and clouds in the upper atmosphere first with water and brush.


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