Venetian Red and Wisteria

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I have been looking for a lavender watercolor . . . and liked the color of Daniel Smith’s Wisteria.  So I bought it.  Lately, too, I’ve been reading a lot about Venetian Red.  I bought it, too.

Here are some sketches using the new colors.  The Wisteria works out quite nicely – it’s a good lavender overall.

It plays well with blues and other colors – but I’ll need to putz with it a bit more.  So far, so good.

Venetian Red is an interesting color.  It granulates, it ranges in value, and varies, it seems in transparency and opacity.

I threw a lot of colors into the stones and the buildings, all sorts of things.  Another new color to play with.

I spent a week up in Reno and came back with a stomach bug, so another week out of commission.  Not fun at all!  But painting is again on the horizon, and that is definitely good news.

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