Crepe Myrtle


For the first time in weeks, I have had the wherewithal to paint.  These past few months have been rather nuts, and the mental space to focus on the simple pleasure of painting has not been mine to enjoy.

This morning, I sat down under the big umbrella in the back yard, pulled out my iPad, and took a few pictures of some low-growing crepe myrtle branches and flowers.  A water brush, a sketch book, and no expectations.

Parts are good – parts not so good – contrast is lacking – but I am feeling pleasantly surprised about this small sketch.

More tomorrow!

4 comments on “Crepe Myrtle”

  1. The colors are lovely and your shapes and shadows bring a beautiful balance to the whole piece. I admire your ability to let loose and just allow the paint to give the suggestion of the petals. Perfect watercolor technique. Glad you are painting again!

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    1. Thanks for the compliments. It feels good to be painting again. I decided to deliberately underpaint details because it is too easy to overpaint details. Not quite where I hoped it would be as I feel too often my painting is overworked. Meanwhile – practice!

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