Inktober 25: Prickly


Today I present you with the teasel.  These plants were once harvested to make carding brushes for wool.  They were mounted on wooden boards when dried, and the wool was placed between the carders, and combed  or brushed back and forth until the clean wool was aligned, ready to be spun.

After I initially posted the ink-only drawing, I decided to play once more with the InkTense pencils.  This time I mixed colors together, such as a red-violet and a blue to make the lavenders of the flowers, and yellows and greens and browns in different areas before applying a small amount of water with a water brush.  I’m not sure if I am happy with the colored results, but you never know how something works until you try it, right?

6 comments on “Inktober 25: Prickly”

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I like the colors, but I am not really sure that how and where I placed them worked. More practice with InkTense! I know you have mastered it.

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    1. Thanks, Maggie. It was not as successful as I would have liked it to be – not very good differentiation between light and dark.


      1. I love the muted tones in this piece. They work so well with the ink. I think your ink drawing IS your darkest tone? It’s wonderful.I have a similar piece done by an artist from the town I grew up in. It’s a thistle and milk weed done in pen and ink with very soft watercolor washes of color here and there. It’s beautiful and yours reminds me of it. 😊

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      2. Thanks, Maggie. It’s interesting to see through someone else’s eyes. I know what I wanted, but got something different. That is why playing is so important in art. Each time you do something, successful or not in your own eyes, you learn. The whole process is the point.


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