In the Woods


Inktober is done and gone . . . this past week I’ve been sewing like a fiend, last night there was a mass shooting down the road from us with a thirteen people killed and eighteen wounded – more –  there are fires to the east and west of us, and the wind is blowing like crazy.  There is peace in ink.

3 comments on “In the Woods”

  1. -N-, There IS peace in Ink, and I am glad you can escape from the horrors around you. Life is so cruel and senseless at times and whatever ways we can find to burrow into the safe and life affirming places within us is good. Glad you are sewing. What are you making? I love your woodland trees. It looks like a safe place for squirrels to gather nuts and birds to sing from hight up in the branches. Have a good day.

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    1. Heya! Thanks for the thoughts. Right now, I am just playing with different sewing machines and taking a beginning quilting class, and working on a Christmas present, a tote bag for my MIL. Meanwhile, we are deciding what to pack up in case we need to evacuate from the fires. It’s about 530 a.m. here where I live (Thousand Oaks, California), and the fires are getting worse. The winds are bad at night and die down during the day. At least we have a place to go, with two dogs, if need be – our in-laws. Hopefully it won’t happen but we have to be prepared – pack bags and prescriptions and gather ID and toys and sentimental things – it’s strange to think you could lose a lifetime of stuff. – N


      1. Wow -N-. That’s frightening. I hope you and your family will be ok. I’m sending you thoughts and prayers for safety. Keep sewing and keep yourself present as much as you can! Hugs Maggie


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