WWM #4: Family Fun


Today’s prompt of “Family Fun” opened an artistic can of worms for me.  I don’t draw or paint people very often – if at all.  So, if you are going to do a family, it seems to me you want to include human beings in the mix.  I thought of maybe a family of ducks out for a paddle, but that felt rather chicken!  So, here are my contributions.

This is based on a really cute photo of two little kids doing laundry together.  As a kid,  pretending to be a grown-up is fun.  

This one is also a bit outside my comfort zone – silhouettes of people.  They didn’t turn out too bad.  The dog was fun, too.  I liked the idea of dancing on the beach at sunset, playing with dog (who is dancing as well), and just having a wonderful time at the end of the day.

Family fun is about simple things – the things that bring people, related or not, together in memorable, pleasurable moments.  Enjoy those you have – go dance on the beach, play in the mud, and have a great time.

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