WWM #15: Monochromatic


Monochromatic – value studies – black, grey, white – something I never do.  I promised myself I would weeks ago, before beginning any painting.  As with most resolutions, it fell by the wayside.  However, I think monochrome value studies in gouache could be really rewarding and worth doing – you can make corrections as you go along, put white on black if need be.  Not so easy in watercolor, and pencil studies can get all fuzzy and blurred.

#WorldWatercolorMonth2019 is at its halfway point already!  Summer is fleeing . . .

See you tomorrow!

3 comments on “WWM #15: Monochromatic”

  1. A good approach for monochromatic painting. Beautiful.

    By the way, WP did get back to me. would you mind opening my blog and let me know if there is a green Following button at the top right of the page to show you are following the site. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment about the monochrome – from a Pixabay picture that was in B&W. It could be I will do mono studies prior to a painting – better contrast, which you know is a bugaboo for me!

      No green following button. In Chrome (default browser) I don’t see anything about being subscribed or subscribing at all, only you Instagram account and categories. In Firefox the box to subscribe to your blog via email shows up with a box below it that says I am following your blog. The same happens with Opera. It appears the Chrome deletes certain elements of the WP coding – and it could also be because I have a lot of tracking items turned off or blocked. However, other Chrome users may not have this situation. Hope this helps!

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