Girl on a Bed


I have a fear of painting people.  I cannot even imagine doing a portrait.  For the past several days I have been debating on deliberately focusing on people or buildings and perspective.  Guess what won?

As with many of my paintings, this is from an image on Pixabay.  A girl is lying face down on white sheets; she wears a grey T-shirt and her face is not visible.  It would be easy to try to put in facial features and overwork a picture, and this is why I chose such an anonymous person.

At this point, I am simply looking at proportion, light, dark, shadows.  In general, this worked out okay – the right hand is a bit off, but that is not what I was aiming for.  I worked to keep everything simple, as well as use up paint on my muddy palette.  I added zinc white, of which I am using a ton, as that has been missing from the muddy palette for weeks!

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