Caribbean Beach


The Caribbean is a magical area – palms, sunny, sandy, windy, brilliant light, azure waters – and a place of terror, such as the fury of hurricanes, and in the olden days, pirates!  Here is California we also have such brilliance, but our hells are fires and earthquakes.  It seems there is always a counterpoint for something.

2 comments on “Caribbean Beach”

    1. Hi Gwen! Glad you like my paintings – it’s nice to hear from someone. These paintings are pure water-based gouache (artists’ gouache) as opposed to acrylic-based gouache. Artists’ gouache is water-soluble, even when dried. You can re-work it. Acrylic-based gouache cannot be re-worked when dry. I also work in watercolors (tomorrow’s agenda!).

      I’m glad you like my paintings! Also, I hope I answered your question to your satisfaction. – N –


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