Timed Studies

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As I am planning on running out to meet up with a friend in a short bit, I decided to do some quick studies in watercolor.

The one below was done in 15 minutes, some pencil lines to give it some direction.

The colors were really fun and I made them really strong compared to what I was inclined to do.  The results were pleasing (colors) and interesting.  Even when you do a quick study, you have to think about what is wet when you paint over it.

The next one, below, I allotted 30 minutes for with the lessons of painting onto too-wet paper too soon.

I think the second one was more successful.  I also did not use any pencil lines but used the white of the snow as a shape to paint around.  That was a challenge in itself!

Quick studies are quite satisfying – no masterpieces expected!

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