Patio Sketches

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Where-oh-where does time go?  I have been busy – so busy – that I have not sat down with a brush or piece of paper in ages it seems.  Sewing socializing, health, family, photography, hiking, knitting – just some of the things taking up my time.  I can’t use cold weather as an excuse.  I’ve been more busy than I am used to – and enjoying all of it.

And yesterday?  The weather was lovely, so out into the dog free zone I went, travel palette, cup of water, a paper towel, water brushes.  The 6×8 Bee paper is perfect for just playing – it’s a decent paper, 100% cotton, and heavy enough to mush a lot of water around on both sides.  I just played, using the daffodils in a vase inside – brought outside – plants on the patio, fruit and vegetables from the kitchen.  I could tell I was rusty – but had fun anyway!

I need to remember my promise to myself when I retired: paint or draw every day! Like a vitamin or a prayer – good for the soul.

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