The Slough II (Gouache)


A different view of The Slough, gouache, and some perspective problems, both atmospheric and size.  Sigh.

Still, I will say parts of it I really like.  One thing I enjoy about gouache is the colors are so cheery if you don’t turn them into mud.  Mixing is such a challenge with this medium – you need a lot of white to make light colors unless they come like that out of the tube.

3 comments on “The Slough II (Gouache)”

  1. I used to love painting in gouache, never used anything else really. I love the colours in this but yes the perspective is a bit haywire. The bottom 3rd is spot on, the middle 3rd needs lifting on the left, but keeping the horizon straight in the top 3rd. Loving seeing your process and progress!

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    1. Thanks, Fraggy, and your keen eye. I agree with you on the perspective, too, and your comments as they help me identify specifically what I cannot see or ID myself – I sense them more than ID them!! Perspective class needs to be resumed – I have books – better get them out!

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