Icky and Not Too Icky


Let’s start with the flowers I did that I like.  Spontaneous background, flat brush, working on edge of brush for dots and lines of stems and flowers.  No pencil drawing.  I liked painting this one a lot.  Not so icky.

This one absolutely sucks.  Pencil drawing.  Overworked.  I was ready to snap the brushes and burn down the house.  I really hated doing this painting as it so uptight.  Icky.  Icky.  Icky.

5 comments on “Icky and Not Too Icky”

    1. To me, it is not a painting I really like. Still seems overworked. And, that may be the key – my emotion frustration to the painting makes it icky-ish. I really struggled with it. Also, I was outside, using new equipment and set up, and everything kept drying out. I don’t think I am cut out to be a plein-air painter, even on my own patio. Pen and paper and a quick bit of watercolor is more my style until the bugs get me! When I paint, I like to feel the brushwork as an extension of my hand and the brush, and the icky painting was a bunch of dabs. Maybe I’ll redo it but indoors so I won’t deal with a hot, dry wind!

      Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.


    1. Thanks, Fraggy. As I replied to the first comment, still overworked to me, and the emotional frustration most definitely adds to it! Still, I really appreciate the feedback, as it does help me step away from the emotional reaction. Still, too fussy for my taste!

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