Monet & Etretat, iii


No matter what I did, I could not like this effort, nor did I much like Monet’s painting, either. All painters have those days – I wonder if Monet was as displeased with his version as I am?! I decided to do a detail of Monet’s composition, the part showing how small the people are in comparison to the chalk cliffs of Etretat.

One thing that I have really noticed is the vast differences found among the same images on the net – some are lighter, bluer, duller, ickier, prettier.

I think I am done with Monet for a bit . . .

7 comments on “Monet & Etretat, iii”

  1. I have a book of Monet’s letters and he was not proud of all of his work. In his 40s he wrote that he should give up painting because he could not produce anything worthwhile. That always gives me comfort, and let’s me look at something I did and just decide it did not work this time. If every piece we do is a masterpiece, there would be no masterpieces.


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