Anna’s Hummingbird


Hummingbirds are amazing little critters! if you have never had the treat of their buzzing past you, I can only say that you are missing out. We have them in our area and enjoy their presence amongst our flowers. Here, an Anna’s Hummingbird in colored pencil.

Below you can see the various stages of my drawing. I have more work on the branch of the final image above, and prefer the third image below. I tried some Gamsol on the one above and wonder if it was a mistake.

I think I will look at this drawing again in a few days, touch it up, and maybe repost. I have a lot to learn about colored pencils and am enjoying it far more than I thought I would. One thing I have learned is to be patient and to take my time.

8 comments on “Anna’s Hummingbird”

      1. N, you always provide a solid response. Thank you! My comment was based on the fact that I was never ever good with colored pencils at school or later. Per my understanding, they require layers and layers of colors on the surface, and that takes time. The technique is very expressive, especially for children’s picture books. Thanks again! 🙂

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