Tanglewood – Done or Not?


I think I am done with this painting. A few areas stand out in the current scan that I will attend to tomorrow most likely, but by and large, I think it is finished.

A few things, though, I am thinking about that may need more work. First, the two lowest arching trees look like a bridge because of the highlights on their upper surfaces. The second is, should the tree that is in the right crossing over the lowest arching tree correctly placed?

I find scanning a painting gives me a different viewpoint and what I don’t see when it is right in front of me become more apparent when seen on a monitor as a digital image.


4 comments on “Tanglewood – Done or Not?”

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Other people’s thoughts can help. I know you get that. One gets so involved in one’s own work that it becomes a bit too hard to step away.


    1. Thanks, Fraggy. I appreciate your observations. So hard to tell when something is done, even after walking away from it. Onward to the next!

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