Near Olancha

Near Olancha, CA

Even though our trip was stopped by Covid-19, I did get a number of photos along the way. Olancha, CA, is one of those little towns without a lot of amenities, but big in different ways. Here are some – and were some – nice little restaurants that provide comfort to the hungry and a much-needed break from the car. Little dirt roads catch the eye, and trees and houses break up the flat land leading to the grandeur of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. So, even though my trip was canceled, I d intend to create sketches of what I saw along the way . . .

2 comments on “Near Olancha”

    1. Thanks, Fraggy. I think this is going to be a funnish project. I have photos from other trips, but also think I will look up some of the places I have not been – and would have gone to – just to pretend I have been there. Also, for some reason, I am having issues with leaving comments / likes with Opera and WP, so may switch browsers . . . love your photography projects!

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