Month: August 2022

Rest Stop

Rest stops are things to be much appreciated! Driving 8 hours days to get somewhere, or back from somewhere, they can provide a place to get out, walk around, and of course use the facilities.

Back when our family moved around the country multiple times, there weren’t any that I recall. It was the gas station bathroom or the woods or a bush. Some rest stops are well maintained by organizations or the state, others are sadly neglected and really disgusting. Really, really disgusting. The good ones have scenery, a place to sit and have a picnic, a place to walk the dogs. Some have vending machines, others give out weather info from NOAA, and some give a bit of history of the area.

This is a rest stop in Nebraska. It was clean and had a lot of room to wander. There was a bit of a woodland, a stream, late summer flowers, and a beautiful view of farmland and prairie. The sky was filled with fluffy clouds. Granted, it was in the 90s F, and very humid, but it did our souls and butts good to get out and wander. I had my camera and got a few good shots. This is a painting of one of them.

Watercolor, 9×12 CP Arches.

Out the Window

Driving day in, day out, it gets a bit old and boring unless you make it a point to look – and shoot fast exposures, too – out of the car window. I have a lot of shots! Nonetheless, the point of all these photos was simply subject matter for paintings. I don’t live in the midwest any more, but in a drying west coast state. Trees and poofy clouds are not my daily fare – so it is honestly a lot of fun to see what I get / got on the camera. It feels good to put a brush in my hand again after weeks of driving in a car!