Garage in Winter


I feel I somehow turned a bit of a corner when it comes to painting. Shari Blaukopf’s online classes are helping a lot. She applies color directly and doesn’t follow “the rules” – by this I mean applying all the light colors first and ending with darks. Instead, she applies color to areas and moves on, making sure in many cases to let the paint dry. (Gotta love those hair dryers!) The corner also started to turn when I decided it was time to add some of the rest of the world to my painting, meaning buildings and so on. Thus far, buildings, but I am gaining confidence with them, so why not with people and urban scenes?

The fact is, I was getting pretty tired of my limited subjects, so this is a good thing. Now, even my boring suburban neighborhood is taking on a totally different perspective – there are a lot of things to paint, even here.

10×14 Arches rough, 140# paper.

7 comments on “Garage in Winter”

      1. I think, actually, the building looks fairly straight. If the right side is off, that is the water spout on the side of the building . . .

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    1. Blaukopf’s work is just wonderful – her classes have been a big help. The thing that go my eyes really open is when I realized she paints the world around her – just daily stuff. When I realized that, all of a sudden my own area looked so much more interesting. As well, her style really helped me clean up my own painting problems and sort out what I wanted to paint and, most importantly, how to get there.


    2. Oh – I know what NY is going through – I used to live there, near Syracuse. Brrrr. It’s in the 50s here, and that is fine with me!


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