Morning Sketch 2 – Crocus


Another sketch, and I found that my little travel palette needs some alizarin and perhaps a violet to work to my advantage. Cad red and ultramarine are rather limited when it comes to violets and lavenders, which are colors I really needed here. So, besides practicing painting, I am finding colors I need to add. Granted my travel palette is one I tucked away and resurrected, and I think I know what most of the colors are, but it is a bit of an insight, too.

Crocus flowers come in all shapes, from pointy to gently curved. These are sort of pointy petaled. Because they are so low to the ground, one usually sees them painted from a higher vantage point, but in profile I personally like them even more, especially as light is filtered through their petals and leaves and surrounding vegetation.

A goal here was to focus on light – coming from upper right – and then some negative painting.

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