Strange Nocturne


This was going to be a nice beachy scene with a white house and rocky coastline . . . but things got out of hand. First, a part of me blames the paper – it is student grade and did not seem up to the task of a lot of large swaths of wet washes. Next, I got frustrated. And I was hungry. And getting quite annoyed. So, I just grabbed stuff and sort of scribbled on it – take that, you nasty painting! Anyway, this is the result, and while it is certainly no beauty, it makes me remember I do want to do some nocturnes – night paintings, night colors. How can that be done?!

4 comments on “Strange Nocturne”

  1. Not the greatest you’ve ever done, maybe it’s good to learn what not to do though! (Eat first, get good paper, have a cup of tea when you get frustrated and then go back to it).

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    1. Watercolor is a strange beast, and in reality, bad paper can break a painting. I had a beautiful tablet of high quality cotton paper once – only to find the sizing was off. That was not a good experience. And right, eat! So, it was a good adventure as I stopped myself – the painting was a total mash-up – but messing it made me think and remember I do want to try a nocturne! So good came out of it. And thanks, Fraggy!

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