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Inktober #1: The Beginning is POISONOUS!

Inktober is here!  Time to get out the ink and pen and brush and paper and work in black and white and shades of grey.  You can find more about it here!  And here is the official list to work from.

Now let’s think about this – it’s October, Halloween is creeping up on us, evil is in our thoughts (maybe).  So – poisonous and apples.  Here are first contributions – a day late – but we shall persevere!

Apple Apocalypse

Up front, not too thrilled with these apples.  I was working on trying to get an apple to look like an apple in a painterly manner, hoping against feeble hope that I could make them look like apples without the lines.  Didn’t work.  On the other hand, mud is not present, and there are some nice bleeds of color.  I worked too wet, which is also why a lot of the problems exist.  I wonder what apples will look like in a year . . .