143. Inktober 25: Prickly

Today I present you with the teasel.  These plants were once harvested to make carding brushes for wool.  They were mounted on wooden boards when dried, and the wool was placed between the carders, and combed  or brushed back and forth until the clean wool was aligned, ready to be spun.

After I initially posted the ink-only drawing, I decided to play once more with the InkTense pencils.  This time I mixed colors together, such as a red-violet and a blue to make the lavenders of the flowers, and yellows and greens and browns in different areas before applying a small amount of water with a water brush.  I’m not sure if I am happy with the colored results, but you never know how something works until you try it, right?

133. Inktober #12: Whale (Shark)

Yes, there are really fish called whale sharks!  In looking up pictures of whales, I came across this creature, and if you look at online images, you will see it is a beautifully patterned shark, as well as learn that it migrates long distances, and is a gentle animal, feeding on plankton and such as it swims along.  I thought it was so beautiful that it had to be the Inktober #12 offering.

The weekend was super busy, so I am a bit behind with my Inktober commitment, but the commitment continues.  It would be really easy to let it just fall behind – like a diet – so the focus of Inktober may be more important than the drawings themselves.  Inktober is a challenge to not only commitment, but to imagination and dedication to meeting a goal.  Harder than I thought it would be – but at least I have some time for commitment these days.


129. Inktober #8: Star

This Inktober drawing is taking forever and making me really behind schedule.  Oh, dear!  I plan to finish this one up later, time permitting.  It’s all dots.  And dots.  And more dots.  It’s is crazy-making but really fun – and a good way to think about positive and negative spaces.

127. Inktober #6: Drooling

Inktober #6 was really hard to make a choice about!  Monsters?  Drooling bassett hound?  Nah – pie!  It’s apple season and birthday season and thus, drooling for apple pie.  Homemade, of course, with plenty of fresh apples and spices.

Eat your heart out!

126. Inktober #5: Chick(en)

I do not draw animals well . . . but was surprised and rather pleased to do this one.  I found a picture of baby chicks – chickens seem too complicated to draw! – and did a rough pencil sketch, then a pen overlay, erased the pencil, and here ya go.  Total time about 3 minutes.

125. Inktober #4: Spell

With my sincerest apologies to Charles M. Schulz and the gang over at Peanuts!  I couldn’t resist.

I’m really not much of a cartoonist, so doing these silly little sketches is getting me to think about how things look on a page.  Pencil first, pen next, then water-soluble graphite.

123. Inktober #3: Roasted

Well, there are political roasts, and roast chicken, and roasted peppers.  And coffee!  I do love my coffee – thus, my tribute to “roasted” for Inktober #3!

I must say, I have not expected to see where this Inktober challenge led me.  I thought something really simple, like some roasted bell peppers, but instead, I started thinking of integrating one sketch (coffee beans) with another (coffee plant) and then a coffee cup, and finally, a tribute to Columbian coffee, which is really misspelled and should be “Colombian.”  Oh, well.

This is done with pen-and-ink along with water-soluble graphite.