Tag: Inktober 2018

Inktober #2: Tranquil

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

How often do we get to slow down?  To be tranquil is to relax, to be in the moment, to be calm, to be-here-now.

My contributions for the day!  First, a rock “duck” – that intriguingly simple pile of rocks, small or large, by the beach, a stream, or on a mountain top.  To me, the epitome of zen.

And then, the peace and comfort of a good friend or loved one.

I used a water brush and water-soluble graphite, specifically as illustrated below.


Inktober #1: The Beginning is POISONOUS!

Inktober is here!  Time to get out the ink and pen and brush and paper and work in black and white and shades of grey.  You can find more about it here!  And here is the official list to work from.

Now let’s think about this – it’s October, Halloween is creeping up on us, evil is in our thoughts (maybe).  So – poisonous and apples.  Here are first contributions – a day late – but we shall persevere!