114. Kitty Bliss

Charlie over at Doodlewash set up a September paint-along calendar – something I think he does every month.  September 1st is orange cats.  September is Pet Rocks.  Initially, I thought I would combine the two, but the fact is, Pet Rocks are not in my lexicon of “things I like” so I thought I’d just go with the orange cat.

I think it will be fun to at least get some inspiration from whatever subject near the date I pick up a brush.  Sometimes some structure or direction helps you get off your dupa and get moving.

Have you ever tried drawing animals?  Cats and rats or mice seem to be ones I “get”!



There are a lot of books about painting – how to, what to use, what to buy – but not a lot inspire.  I found one:  Ted Keller’s Watercolor:  One Person’s Teachings on Watercolor Painting and Becoming an Artist.  Why is he inspirational?  Because he says to paint 100 paintings to learn how to paint; paint 300 paintings to develop your style.  And that says it all.  If I sit around waiting to become a painter, it ain’t gonna happen.

Hence:  enumeration.  I’ve decided that my paintings / drawings should be numbered.  I want to see what I have at 100 paintings, and then 300.  Numbering things is a way to mark progress.  Numbering is a way to organize.  I like numbering things because I have a secret fetish to count some things.  For instance, when I bake, I count to 100 when I mix batter by hand.  When I knead bread, it’s 1-2-3-4 turn.  That way, I stay focused on my task rather than letting my monkey mind get distracted and unfocused.  When I jogged, I did the same thing to set a pace, increasing or decreasing the count of 1-2-3-4 with speed.

Numbering things may seem sort of dorky when it comes to painting or drawing, but it really is a way to mark the passage of time (how old are you?) and growth.  It’s a road map, a guide, a way to see the journey, just as is this blog.