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More Impressions of Slater’s Bridge

I have been rather lazy today, too lazy to set up to paint. So, an old exercise came to mind: make a messy color mix on paper and draw over it with ink. I had Slater’s Bridge already chosen as the subject matter for this exercise¬† (partly for Ms. Fragglerocking, partly because I think it’s such a lovely bit of stonework). As a result, I plopped on colors and then drew the bridge from different angles.

This was the first one. No idea how the cobalt violet would work, but used leftover watercolor paint from my dirty palette along with fresh colors. Then I drew. I admit, I came in and added some color after I added the drawing to get a bit more definition. It sort of felt like cheating!

So, with the thought of cheating in mind, I did this one. Yes, I deliberately put manganese blue at the top, and then just added the cadmium orange and greens. However, I didn’t add any colors after finishing the ink drawing.

Daily work – daily play – daily adventures in art!

Impression of Slater’s Bridge

Bridges are something we take for granted until you have to wade across the creek, or hop stone to stone, praying you don’t fall in! Way back when, the arch bridge was discovered, and it takes its form in many ways, from giant aqueducts to small stone bridges built in lonely country.

Slater’s Bridge is found in the English Lake District. It’s shape seems to have grown out of the countryside and keeps catching my eye. I don’t think my painting is especially accurate, either; hence “impression”.