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Somewhere in Wyoming – Notes to Myself

Broken bones aside, I want to paint.  Moving house to accommodate workers over the next two weeks aside, I still want to paint!  I tell you, chaos exudes in my studio at the moment.  Most of the shelves are empty, books are packed up, art supplies are vanishing hither and thither, and I feel like I am living in a tornado – and will be for a while as repairs are underway in the back half of the house as floors are replaced, walls painted, bathrooms repaired and updated.  It’s really a mess.

This morning, I finally found some time to do a few things with this painting.  Choosing colors and values with swishes of watercolor across the ink drawing showed me I had non-waterproof ink on the paper.  Oh, well,  such is life.  Here are this morning’s labors – in a monochrome study and some colors for consideration.  Messy but useful, like my house.

Notes:  In future sketches, have a margin for testing colors or shades.  Move house to left.  Tree and mountain in background too close to same tone.  Don’t use water soluble ink!

Notes:   Use a margin around edge of painting to test tones or shades.  Barn / house move to left.  Trees – need some variation in color compared to grass above road.  House too similar in color to red rock mountain behind.


Somewhere in Wyoming

Last summer we spent a couple of weeks traveling around the western part of the US, visiting states such as Wyoming and Arizona and Utah.  Open space, loneliness, long drives through incredible country.  This is a photo I took out of the car window on the way from Laramie, WY, to Grand Teton National Park, where we stayed for several days.

I pushed the colors in post production, to pull out greens, reds, and blues.  The view of the house / barn was fascinating – and I expect the view from it is even better, rather than zipping by in a car.   Anyway, I’ve decided to do some sketches, in ink then color, and hopefully an unlined watercolor based on elements of this photo.  Below is this morning’s sketch.